How Does Motivational-Speaker-Success.Com Differentiate Effective And Ineffective Speakers

We at encourage you to be mindful in selecting the best motivational speaker to facilitate a talk or a conference for your organization. We do not want you to feel that the payment you allotted was not worth it. We want you to be happy and satisfied with the presentation of the motivational speaker that you have employed, so we have listed below the characteristics of effective motivational and keynote speakers.

We hope that our list will help you distinguish the ineffective speakers, and prevent hiring them.
  1. An effective speaker is confident.

MotivationalConfidence is a huge factor for motivational speakers. They should have the ability to carry themselves well, talk clearly, fearlessly point out their ideas and convey their information in an orderly manner. Effective speakers find ways to know the theme of the event or conference so that they can wear proper attires. They may have stage frights, but they do not let their anxiety affect their speech.

Overconfidence, however, is equivalent to ineffectiveness. When speakers are overconfident, they tend to be condescending. In their mind, their ideas are correct, so they do not accept any other opinion. If the speaker is one-sided, the speech cannot be successful. Worst, the listeners may be annoyed or angry towards the speaker’s impudence.

  1. An effective speaker has a good sense of humor.

Not everyone can endure listening to an hour long speech. Effective motivational speakers have to bring ice breakers with them to entertain the listeners, and keep them alert. We at have noticed that the most common form of ice breakers is to crack some jokes. Effective speakers have funny bones in their bodies. They can make each member of the audience laugh. Their jokes are not offensive, but are just straight-up funny.

If speakers are telling too many jokes, think twice about hiring them. Their talks may consist of too much silliness, and too little informative contents.

  1. Effective speakers know their facts.

Just like what we have stressed, too much jokes will not make a speech effective. The presentation should also cover facts, loads of interesting facts. Effective speakers do not just gather facts in the web and reiterate them to the audience. They gather a bunch of resources, make sure that their information are true and share them to the listeners in a simplified and organized way.

To do the latter, they prepare a PowerPoint presentation where they present each key point of their discussion. Effective speakers are also diligent to find timely and fresh contents for the audience. Moreover, as much as they can, they prepare brand new presentations for each of their clients.

Motivational speakers who presented incorrect information during their speech cannot be considered effective, even though they handle the discussion well. The same goes for those who present misleading information without explaining them as needed.

  1. Effective speakers relate to their audiences.

If the speakers cared to ask about the target audience, believes that they may be effective motivational speakers. The speakers should not only care about their presentation, and how they can finish it flawlessly. They must consider their listeners, too. The speakers should know the listeners, their demo graphical information, their expectations and even their struggles and problems. That is the only way to know what information are apt for them, and what stories they will appreciate the most.

If the motivational speakers cannot relate to the audience, no matter how articulate and knowledgeable they are, they are still ineffective. Effective speakers do not opt to impress but rather, they do their best to express in the way that the audience can relate to. They should always be the one to adjust, and not the other way around.

  1. Effective speakers have a lot of stories to tell.

Effective motivational speakers are effective storytellers as well. Facts after facts after facts will make the speech boring. Stories, interesting and inspirational ones, are much needed. The best stories come from the speakers’ own life experiences. They may relate their story of success to the audience. They may share the milestones their family had to undergo. They may tell the audience about how their relationship became broken, and then restored.

Most often than not, as observed, the motivational speakers’ stories are the ones that make a mark to the listeners. The listeners remember the stories more than the other contents of the discussion. Because of this, effective speakers make sure that the stories they are to share are relevant to the topic.

An irrelevant story can serve as an ice breaker; too much of it though is not good. Ineffective motivational speakers sometimes use stories as fillers whenever they no longer have anything to discuss. If that is the case, they should just end the speech.

Effective motivational speakers know when and how to end a speech. They finish it with a challenge or a question for the listeners to do and/or think about.

Why You Need a Good Pair of Golf Shoes

Golf ShoesIf you’re still wondering if you actually need to buy shoes specifically designed for playing golf, you need to know what a good pair of golf shoes can do to improve your performance on the game.

Golf shoes are designed to provide balance, stability, and flexibility during a swing movement. It is difficult, if not impossible, to produce a good shot if you’re unstable or constantly slipping when doing a swing. You need stability and traction to create strong contact with a golf ball.

Most shoes designed for playing golf are fabricated with stabilizers on the side of their arches to help players hold their position when driving the ball and at the end of a stroke. These shoes are usually fitted with plastic or rubber spikes that are meant to keep your feet from sliding on uneven, wet, or slippery turf.

Golf shoes are commonly built with a broader base to help players maintain good balance during a golf swing. Golf footwear typically has a larger sole than tennis shoes, running shoes, or other athletic shoes that are built to support quicker or continuous foot movement required in other sports.

In order to play on uneven or hilly grounds, you’ll need a more flexible and supple footwear. Shoes worn when playing sports such as baseball, basketball, tennis, or football are designed to keep a player’s foot in place and lack the elasticity required when playing golf.

Golfers often go through rounds that require several hours of play

They may have to walk through long distances that may range between 4 to 6 miles. Most shoes have padded inside soles to ensure optimum support and comfort during long plays. Golf footwear that provides utmost comfort, breath ability, waterproofing, and superior midfoot support will definitely improve your performance during those gruelling hours on tours.

If you’re playing year round, you will have to deal with the changing weather conditions. You may find yourself playing in the scorching summer heat or during cold, windy, or extremely wet days. Your shoes and apparel should protect you against weather elements that may disrupt your game and affect your performance. Always wear waterproof golf footwear to protect yourself during rainy days when the course is nearly always wet. During hot sunny days, you will need a golf shoe that is both breathable and comfortable.

While golf shoes are the most ideal footwear to play golf, they may not be the best option for some players

Foot, ankle, joints, or muscle-related issues may stop a golf player from buying shoes that are specifically made for playing golf. These concerns should not stop a player from enjoying golf and excelling in the game. There are now more options for golf players to choose from when it comes to golf footwear. You can check out several brands that offer designs and features that cater to your special requirements.

Golf footwear comes in spiked, spikeless, or customized models and in varying widths, weights, colors, and styles. While the classic spiked or cleated shoes remain the standard for traction, breathability, water-resistance, and style, spikeless shoes have proven to be a success in recent years.  Some shoes are made of leather, synthetic leather, microfiber leather, and polyester. Manufacturers typically have different versions of waterproofing materials. Many come in stylish designs that you can use when strolling around town or going to the gym. Today’s golf footwear is more versatile than ever.

When buying a golf shoe, you need to decide which features to emphasize. Do you want a shoe that you can wear in all weather conditions? Do you want to wear a stylish lightweight shoe or the classic heavier shoe that offers more stability? Will you choose rubber spikes or plastic spikes or will you go spikeless?

Golf-ShoesWhile modern technology has made it possible to produce shoes that offer stability while staying lightweight or waterproof while still extremely breathable and comfortable, there may be a trade off. Always take time to weigh your options.

If you’re looking for the perfect pair of golf footwear to match your performance-driven personality, you can find a wide selection of top golf shoe brands, designs, and features at, a reliable seller of high quality golf equipment, supplies, and accessories. Great deals are happening every day on this site.

At rockbottogolf, there are no compromises between golf shoes that drive excellent performance and your budget. You will find superior quality and top of the line golf footwear without breaking the bank or undermining your budget when you browse through their selection of stylish golf footwear.  Looking for the best deals in golf equipment? You can find it all at

6 Tips for Attracting More Traffic to your Website

You may be running a blog to showcase your greatest projects to future employers, or taking on to social media to interact with your small, but dedicated fan base. In any case, if you’re an artist living in the age of digital media, you have to educate yourself with the new rules to get your art noticed and your talent appreciated.

Here are six steps you can take to ensure that you’re reaching the right crowd:

Boost your Social Media

Probably almost everyone nowadays have an account on Facebook – from relatives and friends to the elders in the community. That’s why it’s no surprise that almost every Boost Social Mediaartist who’s looking for his/her art to get published starts by making a presence in social media.

Among the various social media websites, Facebook is the easiest to get into, and you already have your existing friends as the first audience who will like your artworks!

After setting up your Facebook page and garnering a few followings, you should then add Instagram to your list of essential social media platforms. Instagram is popular not only among photographers, but also among various kinds of artists, and you can easily gain a huge following on this platform if you use the right hashtags.

Pinterest is another popular platform exclusive for artists, and the site’s features allow you to categorize your art into different categories.

Use the Right Hashtags

As mentioned before, social media can be a great jumpstart to your following online, but only if you use the right hashtags.

hashtagHashtags are words or phrases used to categorize posts into a specific topic. There are many kinds of hashtags used for different purposes, and sometimes, a good hashtag is all that you need to make your artwork viral.

Hashtags are most useful for beginners who don’t have that much of a following, because these allow them to reach a wider audience who are interested in a particular topic. Suppose you are painting a portrait for a client, then adding the hashtags #painting and #portrait can instantly give you a large group of audience who like portraits and painting in general.

Create a Portfolio Blog

Blogging was once just a hobby to some people until it became a popular way to interact with the audience and make new connections. Just as creating social media accounts, starting a blog is also an easy but effective way to keep in touch with your fans and attract new ones.

Many famous designers keep a portfolio of sorts to showcase their talents not only to their fans, but also to future employers. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone!

In creating a blog for your pieces, one of the things people pay attention to is your style. Does your art emanate a different personality? Do you have a refreshing take on traditional art techniques? If so, make sure to show it on your blog.

Share your Workflow

More and more designers and artists share photos and videos showing their design workflow and the process through which they make their masterpieces. Letting your fans know how you make your art inspires them and makes them crave for more.

Sharing what you do and how you do it is a great way to create anticipation, keep your fans on their toes, and encourage interaction.

Make Use of Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is an underrated tool for boosting visitors to blogs, but when Good SEO Companyused correctly, it can make all the difference.

If the idea of optimizing your blog or portfolio overwhelms you, don’t be afraid to hire a company to do all the lifting. You can seek the aid of companies like Seoexplode in this case. They specializes in optimizing the most important aspects of a site to increase visibility, and they do so while letting you in on every step of the process. According to their site, “We feel that transparency is extremely important therefor we are 100% clear as to what we do and how we do it.” Seoexplode inc can help you achieve your desired results from all your SEO campaigns.

Interact with Fans

After setting up all the platforms and leverage to get your work out there, now it is time to keep doing it. Keep the interaction flowing on your social media pages. Post new and updated content to your blog regularly. After attracting more fans to your artworks (hopefully), you have to maintain your relationship with your newfound fans.

Maintaining your blog and social media accounts can be a time-consuming work, so Interact with Fansmake sure to only have a few you can focus on. Posting regular updates not only keeps your following, it also lets you gain more followers.

Of course, this is easier said than done, and some days, you will be overwhelmed with all the things you have to keep tabs on, but in the end, it’s all worth it. You will attract new fans, be more motivated to create better pieces, and be a more fulfilled artist in the digital age.

What Art is Today?

Art is commonly defined as an expression of our own imagination. It is possible to experience it through vision and art_wordother activities or objects that appeal to our human senses, but what is art exactly? As I have been living throughout my years, I have found that there is no exact definition for it. However, I believe that art is applicable to almost everything we do nowadays. We can even observe it from anywhere we go. From our house to the ends of the world, art is literally everywhere and we can recognize them in an instant.

However, for some of us, some samples of artwork are difficult to identify or it is even possible that we may already have experienced them for so many times, but never had the chance to acknowledge them. Nonetheless, it is never a question if there is a single person in this world who has not seen the beauty of art, because that would be a shame if that is considered true.

Here is an overview of how the manifestation of art has successfully evolved from one to another. In the beginning, it has been classified in diverse ways including the medieval distinction between liberal and mechanical arts. The modern versions are called fine and applied arts. More classifications of principal arts may include architecture, music, sculpture, dance, painting, poetry, film, graphic arts and photography.
Other forms of artistic terminologies include fashion and gastronomy that are now identified commonly as video, computer art, performance, animation, advertising, video games and television. Art was originally used to classify cultures, establish prioritization, and more importantly, communication and record keeping.

When exactly did we discover art? Let us go back to the Stone Age wherein early cave paintings were found out to be records of tribal hunting and animal figures, and later on, they were found out to be symbolic. This development continued throughout several ancient civilizations such as the Egyptian, Greek, Byzantine and Buddhists. It was also used for spiritual and mythical purposes. After many years, modern art started to elevate and was invented by Manet, who became the father of Impressionism.

Today, art becomes even more advanced and complex. From watercolor paintings cimg5135to digital art, from photography to 3-dimensional videos and more of evolving technologies that made it easier to express ourselves through various art forms. The best part of it is that sharing these ideas has become more accessible. Fashionistas, artists, photographers, interior designers, writers and any art enthusiasts all over the world who are aiming to share their insights and creativity are welcome all over the internet.

Available methods for such are blogging, the social media, networking, advertisements, and unlimited possibilities of communicating with other people. Even the common websites we all visit know that their web designs are good strategies that will leave a good impression to their target audience. That is how powerful art is. It can influence people. The point is even food, which is also considered as an art, can bring people together.

Now, let us talk about how art really works. Art is an expression of emotion or ideas. It is a friend, it is a kind of comfort when people fail us. It is a cure, a dose of medicine we wouldn’t find on any local drug stores. Some people say that art is an act of effort. It gives us the ability to arrange, prepare or a plan to produce something. It makes use of different materials and assembling something better out of them.

For example, if you see a rock, it is only a rock but you can turn it into a Stonehenge, which is now one of the best-known prehistoric monuments in Europe. Moreover, art largely depends on the intention of the artist. Art is not a ‘what’ but more of a ‘how’ and ‘why’. Every masterpiece85443_logo has its own inspiration, meaning and definition. Even an abstract is no longer just an abstract. To figure out what it means is all up to the creator and the viewer. In the end, no matter how we choose to describe it, these pieces are stories that sometimes, not even words can describe.

Overall, art has been debated over and over again and still, there had been no definite comprehension about its definite nature and purpose. Millions of definitions, yet not one can describe it accurately especially now that the world of art has exploded. Bottom line is, what exactly do we do with art? The answer is just to appreciate.