Why You Need a Good Pair of Golf Shoes

Golf ShoesIf you’re still wondering if you actually need to buy shoes specifically designed for playing golf, you need to know what a good pair of golf shoes can do to improve your performance on the game.

Golf shoes are designed to provide balance, stability, and flexibility during a swing movement. It is difficult, if not impossible, to produce a good shot if you’re unstable or constantly slipping when doing a swing. You need stability and traction to create strong contact with a golf ball.

Most shoes designed for playing golf are fabricated with stabilizers on the side of their arches to help players hold their position when driving the ball and at the end of a stroke. These shoes are usually fitted with plastic or rubber spikes that are meant to keep your feet from sliding on uneven, wet, or slippery turf.

Golf shoes are commonly built with a broader base to help players maintain good balance during a golf swing. Golf footwear typically has a larger sole than tennis shoes, running shoes, or other athletic shoes that are built to support quicker or continuous foot movement required in other sports.

In order to play on uneven or hilly grounds, you’ll need a more flexible and supple footwear. Shoes worn when playing sports such as baseball, basketball, tennis, or football are designed to keep a player’s foot in place and lack the elasticity required when playing golf.

Golfers often go through rounds that require several hours of play

They may have to walk through long distances that may range between 4 to 6 miles. Most shoes have padded inside soles to ensure optimum support and comfort during long plays. Golf footwear that provides utmost comfort, breath ability, waterproofing, and superior midfoot support will definitely improve your performance during those gruelling hours on tours.

If you’re playing year round, you will have to deal with the changing weather conditions. You may find yourself playing in the scorching summer heat or during cold, windy, or extremely wet days. Your shoes and apparel should protect you against weather elements that may disrupt your game and affect your performance. Always wear waterproof golf footwear to protect yourself during rainy days when the course is nearly always wet. During hot sunny days, you will need a golf shoe that is both breathable and comfortable.

While golf shoes are the most ideal footwear to play golf, they may not be the best option for some players

Foot, ankle, joints, or muscle-related issues may stop a golf player from buying shoes that are specifically made for playing golf. These concerns should not stop a player from enjoying golf and excelling in the game. There are now more options for golf players to choose from when it comes to golf footwear. You can check out several brands that offer designs and features that cater to your special requirements.

Golf footwear comes in spiked, spikeless, or customized models and in varying widths, weights, colors, and styles. While the classic spiked or cleated shoes remain the standard for traction, breathability, water-resistance, and style, spikeless shoes have proven to be a success in recent years.  Some shoes are made of leather, synthetic leather, microfiber leather, and polyester. Manufacturers typically have different versions of waterproofing materials. Many come in stylish designs that you can use when strolling around town or going to the gym. Today’s golf footwear is more versatile than ever.

When buying a golf shoe, you need to decide which features to emphasize. Do you want a shoe that you can wear in all weather conditions? Do you want to wear a stylish lightweight shoe or the classic heavier shoe that offers more stability? Will you choose rubber spikes or plastic spikes or will you go spikeless?

Golf-ShoesWhile modern technology has made it possible to produce shoes that offer stability while staying lightweight or waterproof while still extremely breathable and comfortable, there may be a trade off. Always take time to weigh your options.

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