You may be running a blog to showcase your greatest projects to future employers, or taking on to social media to interact with your small, but dedicated fan base. In any case, if you’re an artist living in the age of digital media, you have to educate yourself with the new rules to get your art noticed and your talent appreciated.

Here are six steps you can take to ensure that you’re reaching the right crowd:

Boost your Social Media

Probably almost everyone nowadays have an account on Facebook – from relatives and friends to the elders in the community. That’s why it’s no surprise that almost every Boost Social Mediaartist who’s looking for his/her art to get published starts by making a presence in social media.

Among the various social media websites, Facebook is the easiest to get into, and you already have your existing friends as the first audience who will like your artworks!

After setting up your Facebook page and garnering a few followings, you should then add Instagram to your list of essential social media platforms. Instagram is popular not only among photographers, but also among various kinds of artists, and you can easily gain a huge following on this platform if you use the right hashtags.

Pinterest is another popular platform exclusive for artists, and the site’s features allow you to categorize your art into different categories.

Use the Right Hashtags

As mentioned before, social media can be a great jumpstart to your following online, but only if you use the right hashtags.

hashtagHashtags are words or phrases used to categorize posts into a specific topic. There are many kinds of hashtags used for different purposes, and sometimes, a good hashtag is all that you need to make your artwork viral.

Hashtags are most useful for beginners who don’t have that much of a following, because these allow them to reach a wider audience who are interested in a particular topic. Suppose you are painting a portrait for a client, then adding the hashtags #painting and #portrait can instantly give you a large group of audience who like portraits and painting in general.

Create a Portfolio Blog

Blogging was once just a hobby to some people until it became a popular way to interact with the audience and make new connections. Just as creating social media accounts, starting a blog is also an easy but effective way to keep in touch with your fans and attract new ones.

Many famous designers keep a portfolio of sorts to showcase their talents not only to their fans, but also to future employers. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone!

In creating a blog for your pieces, one of the things people pay attention to is your style. Does your art emanate a different personality? Do you have a refreshing take on traditional art techniques? If so, make sure to show it on your blog.

Share your Workflow

More and more designers and artists share photos and videos showing their design workflow and the process through which they make their masterpieces. Letting your fans know how you make your art inspires them and makes them crave for more.

Sharing what you do and how you do it is a great way to create anticipation, keep your fans on their toes, and encourage interaction.

Make Use of Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is an underrated tool for boosting visitors to blogs, but when Good SEO Companyused correctly, it can make all the difference.

If the idea of optimizing your blog or portfolio overwhelms you, don’t be afraid to hire a company to do all the lifting. You can seek the aid of companies like Seoexplode in this case. They specializes in optimizing the most important aspects of a site to increase visibility, and they do so while letting you in on every step of the process. According to their site, “We feel that transparency is extremely important therefor we are 100% clear as to what we do and how we do it.” Seoexplode inc can help you achieve your desired results from all your SEO campaigns.

Interact with Fans

After setting up all the platforms and leverage to get your work out there, now it is time to keep doing it. Keep the interaction flowing on your social media pages. Post new and updated content to your blog regularly. After attracting more fans to your artworks (hopefully), you have to maintain your relationship with your newfound fans.

Maintaining your blog and social media accounts can be a time-consuming work, so Interact with Fansmake sure to only have a few you can focus on. Posting regular updates not only keeps your following, it also lets you gain more followers.

Of course, this is easier said than done, and some days, you will be overwhelmed with all the things you have to keep tabs on, but in the end, it’s all worth it. You will attract new fans, be more motivated to create better pieces, and be a more fulfilled artist in the digital age.