Art is commonly defined as an expression of our own imagination. It is possible to experience it through vision and art_wordother activities or objects that appeal to our human senses, but what is art exactly? As I have been living throughout my years, I have found that there is no exact definition for it. However, I believe that art is applicable to almost everything we do nowadays. We can even observe it from anywhere we go. From our house to the ends of the world, art is literally everywhere and we can recognize them in an instant.

However, for some of us, some samples of artwork are difficult to identify or it is even possible that we may already have experienced them for so many times, but never had the chance to acknowledge them. Nonetheless, it is never a question if there is a single person in this world who has not seen the beauty of art, because that would be a shame if that is considered true.

Here is an overview of how the manifestation of art has successfully evolved from one to another. In the beginning, it has been classified in diverse ways including the medieval distinction between liberal and mechanical arts. The modern versions are called fine and applied arts. More classifications of principal arts may include architecture, music, sculpture, dance, painting, poetry, film, graphic arts and photography.
Other forms of artistic terminologies include fashion and gastronomy that are now identified commonly as video, computer art, performance, animation, advertising, video games and television. Art was originally used to classify cultures, establish prioritization, and more importantly, communication and record keeping.

When exactly did we discover art? Let us go back to the Stone Age wherein early cave paintings were found out to be records of tribal hunting and animal figures, and later on, they were found out to be symbolic. This development continued throughout several ancient civilizations such as the Egyptian, Greek, Byzantine and Buddhists. It was also used for spiritual and mythical purposes. After many years, modern art started to elevate and was invented by Manet, who became the father of Impressionism.

Today, art becomes even more advanced and complex. From watercolor paintings cimg5135to digital art, from photography to 3-dimensional videos and more of evolving technologies that made it easier to express ourselves through various art forms. The best part of it is that sharing these ideas has become more accessible. Fashionistas, artists, photographers, interior designers, writers and any art enthusiasts all over the world who are aiming to share their insights and creativity are welcome all over the internet.

Available methods for such are blogging, the social media, networking, advertisements, and unlimited possibilities of communicating with other people. Even the common websites we all visit know that their web designs are good strategies that will leave a good impression to their target audience. That is how powerful art is. It can influence people. The point is even food, which is also considered as an art, can bring people together.

Now, let us talk about how art really works. Art is an expression of emotion or ideas. It is a friend, it is a kind of comfort when people fail us. It is a cure, a dose of medicine we wouldn’t find on any local drug stores. Some people say that art is an act of effort. It gives us the ability to arrange, prepare or a plan to produce something. It makes use of different materials and assembling something better out of them.

For example, if you see a rock, it is only a rock but you can turn it into a Stonehenge, which is now one of the best-known prehistoric monuments in Europe. Moreover, art largely depends on the intention of the artist. Art is not a ‘what’ but more of a ‘how’ and ‘why’. Every masterpiece85443_logo has its own inspiration, meaning and definition. Even an abstract is no longer just an abstract. To figure out what it means is all up to the creator and the viewer. In the end, no matter how we choose to describe it, these pieces are stories that sometimes, not even words can describe.

Overall, art has been debated over and over again and still, there had been no definite comprehension about its definite nature and purpose. Millions of definitions, yet not one can describe it accurately especially now that the world of art has exploded. Bottom line is, what exactly do we do with art? The answer is just to appreciate.